Traditional Punjabi flavors to make your Indian taste buds come alive

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According to folklore, the ‘AamPapad’ business was started by two men over a hundred years ago, who took the desi mangoes growing on their land and squeezed them into pulp. Then they poured this pulp on to dried palm leaves. As the first layer dried, another layer of pulp was added, and repeated, until there were a number of such layers. These layers were then dried till they becamedry sheets of mangoes. The two men eventually set up a stall under a huge ‘pipal’ tree, on the edge of the village, from where they started to sell their wares.

Now Ampapar by Flavors of Punjab have taken on the role to make the best ampapars in the world and to spread the love and carry on the tradition of these amazing flavours.



Ampapar is a truly universal delicacy… The dried and layered mango pulp comes in a variety of flavours depending on the type of mango used. Flavours range from sweet, to tangy and sour.

Ampapar promises its consumers with the best flavors in the world that will take you back a hundred yearsto our ancestors, and our tradition and culture filled India.
Ampapar or Amawat is a traditional indian snack. It is a sun dried fruit leather made out of mango pulp mixed with concentrated sugar syrup, jaggery, sesame oil etc. It is made out of fresh raw mangoes and the product is prepared under hygienic conditions to ensure its purity and freshness.

It works as an antioxidant, and is frequently recommended by many nutrition experts.

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